Industrial and Services

Spare part logistics

For spare part supply chain Logia Cloud offers solutions to procurement, order management and fulfillment, transportation and warehousing.

You can optimize and automate spare part logistics according to your service and maintenance operations. Spare part items can be managed by approved categories of supplier catalogs, maintained as own item database or integrated from ERP system.

Buyers can source suppliers and tender items. Ordering can be done by buyers or automatically by flexibly managed inventory availability and replenishment logic. Order and delivery status is fully traceable in Logia Cloud. Invoicing can be automated according to procure-to-pay logic.


Inbound and outbound logistics

tulo- ja lähtölogistiikka

From Logia Cloud companies can have optimized supply chain management system in same solution.

Solution combining functionalities from transportation management system (TMS), warehouse management system (WMS) and supplier network integration platform enable companies to manage their entire logistics operations optimally. For example warehouse picking is synchronized with transportation orders.

For example:

warehouse picking is synchronized with transportation orders. Logia Cloud is suitable for all modes of transportation in international and domestic freight. Functions are scalable for different size of supply chain networks offering set of tools for each company belonging to logistics operations either by using Logia Cloud wide functionalities or integrating their own systems by flexible integration methods.


Distributed procurement

Suitable solution for private and public sector companies needing management of distributed procurement where decentralized buyers can utilize same system to whole supplier network.

For example:

Supplier catalogs are filtered and uploaded to cloud according to company category procurement rules and standards. There can be hundreds of catalogs with just the right amount of goods and services needed for operations in the supply chain. Suppliers either integrate or use Logia Cloud portal for managing order-to-cash transaction giving full transparency to their clients. Large amount of small and local goods and service providers, that are typically handled outside company central procurement activities, can this way be easily controlled by procurement in Logia Cloud.