Logistics operators

Logia Cloud is scalable solution for entire 3PL / 4PL operators for managing their multi-client logistics operations and invoicing towards their customers and also for individual logistics service providers as transportation or warehousing companies.


Warehouse Management System (WMS) suitable for all size of warehouse, terminals and logistics centers. Multi-client warehouse management with wide range of functionalities in automated or manual operations. Tenant or standard specific processes according to warehouse service strategy.

In the same cloud solution warehouse operations can be optimized to overall management of the supply chain for example with the use of transportation and analytics functionalities. Logia Cloud has flexible integration capabilities to all mainstream ERPs and modern warehouse automation technologies for example voice and light picking.

Authorized users and end customers can also use web or mobile portals to monitor and analyze the data related to their products and services. Warehouse operators can use fully integrated invoicing capabilities to multi-tenant warehouse operations.



Suitable for domestic or international freight in all transportation modes. Also postal transportation mode like parcel pick up and deliveries can be managed in Logia Cloud.


Logia Cloud enables fully digitalized and integrated transportation network solution. Both shippers and service providers can use their own need of functionalities from transportation management system (TMS) and utilize the track & trace functionalities for monitoring the supply chain or activate their other transactions via work flow.

Logia Cloud has flexible integration capabilities to each party and alternatively transportation companies or customers can use Logia Cloud via web portal. Transportation route planning and optimization is done with integrated 3rd party tools. 4 PL operators can use fully integrated invoicing capabilities to combined transport operations.