Retail logistics

Online stores

Total solution for online store back office logistics. By integrating online store to Logia Cloud all logistics operations can be managed digitally even with the smallest suppliers.

You can handle your supplier network with online procurement and integrated catalogs. With advanced delivery logic, you can manage your inventory costs by optimizing deliveries from stores, warehouse or directly from supplier. Transportation and warehousing operations can be managed by you or your logistic operator. Warehouse and transportation operators can use Logia Cloud functionalities or their own management system integrated to cloud solution. Store pick-and-collect functionalities are applicable for retailers willing to manage their online and retail store sales and deliveries at the same time.

Logia Cloud track and trace functionalities can be integrated back to online store in order to give full transparency of the order status to your customers. Procurement and logistic analytics support you to make further improvements to your operations.

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Manage orders, returns, logistics and invoicing in stores or franchisers. From Logia Cloud you find solutions for individual shop or chain of retail stores.

By integrating store systems (POS and financial ERP) to Logia Cloud you can manage your entire supply chain network operations. Thus logistics is managed optimally to whole retail chain supporting the sales and operations of each individual stores. Scalable on-demand basis functionalities of Logia Cloud also minimizes the need to extend each store system functionalities to role it is not meant for.

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One example is sample item in a store. When consumer buys the item after seeing the sample, order is sent to Logia Cloud where small supplier can use directly the supplier portal (see solutions to suppliers) or large companies can receive the information via flexible integration solutions.

All transactions related to order and operations are supported in the solution giving the full transparency and audit trail even for a very small volume of goods and services. Management of the logistics operations can be done by stores via Logia Cloud or by logistics operators using the functionalities of the solution or integrating their own systems to cloud.



For retail goods and service suppliers Logia Cloud offers scalable digitalized solutions.

The smallest suppliers usually operate without systems support. However this can disable them to join larger retail supply chain network. Logia Cloud has simple web portals and wide range of integration capabilities where supplier can manage their assortment, logistics and order-to-cash fully integrated to whole network of wholesalers and retails.

The members of this network can be easily extended by the needs of each supplier or retailer. For deliveries supplier can use functionalities from transportation and warehousing systems scaled for the volume and nature of the operations, facilities and automation.


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